This is the 6th edition of ZK-Roller-Coaster where we track and investigate the most exciting, meaningful, and crazy ZK-stuff of the prior two weeks.

And this is the first edition of ZK-Roller-Coaster produced by the Taiko community!

Special thanks to 7th edition contributors: umede, ex_scxr, msfew, anon212, yona, nightseeeker, taikoecosystem_.

Disclaimer: this is a collection of tweets, writings, videos, and other materials; these don’t express our opinion and may not necessarily be accurate. Please do (or continue) your own research.

Hold on tight! 🎢

Spice of the week 🌶️

Aug 15: a project on zkSync adds an extra layer of safety on top of zkSync’s rigorous defense-in-depth security approach

ZK and rollup research 🧙